Fire safety

As part of the JLA Group, Circuit can offer full fire safety consultation service – from equipment inspections and site compliance checks to installation and maintenance or all the key equipment you need including fire doors, alarms, extinguishers, automatic opening vents and lighting.

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Our fire safety solutions

Fire Doors

Following your fire risk assessment, you may need new fire doors, or to replace your current doors, we can install BM Trada Q Mark FD30 and FD60 flush and panelled options.

Fire Alarms

To maintain a robust fire safety plan we can inspect, supply and install the fire alarms you need to implement. As part of our Total Care package we also provide regular fire alarm servicing.

Fire Extinguishers

We have various fire extinguisher types available, and our fire experts are able to advise and assist you on the best products for your business in case of an emergency situation.

AOV Systems

AOVs (Automatic Opening Vents) are an important part of a commercial fire safety plan. You are legally required to make sure smoke clears quickly – so people can escape safely and emergency services can move, manoeuvre, rescue and recover efficiently.

Emergency Lighting

Emergency lighting is lighting for an emergency situation when the main power supply is cut and normal electrical illumination fails. We can install and maintain the most suitable lighting along your key escape routes to lead residents to safety.

Service & Maintenance

As part of our service contract plan, we'll carry out regular checks, testing and maintenance work to keep your fire prevention and evacuation equipment running smoothly - from your lights, signs and extinguishers to doors and alarms.

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